About us

As two self confessed personal development knowledge sponges, the two main contributors of peaklifelink.com; Rick and Lance have spent many years searching and researching what makes the difference between a life that’s an example and one that’s a warning.

It became apparent quite quickly as they spent many thousands of hours (and dollars) on books, video and audio products and seminars that it pays to be very specific about what information is useful and what is unnecessary. They humorously admit they would have been well placed to buy shares in Amazon considering what they’ve spent with them. In Lances words; sometimes you have to wade your way through a lot of **** to find that seed. But when you do find it, the tingle you get up your spine lets you know that you’re on to something! The real goal of this site is to share idea’s and strategies that can be assimilated into hours rather than years or decades.

Ricks lifelong involvement in sales, building businesses and network marketing has taught him one heck of a lot about persistence, dedication to tested processes and a real ability to re­frame rejection as one step closer to a yes (because you get a lot of it). It taught him a hell of a lot about people and what works.

Extensively trained and certified in NLP, Hypnosis, time line therapy and fitness; Lance has trained with some highly respected trainers in the personal development, therapeutic and success fields (including Anthony Robbins and Richard Bandler) and has an active curiosity with Quantum Physics, spirituality and consciousness. That’s where he makes sense of the insensible and finds answers to the unanswerable.

Exploring the world and living with Humour are important parts of their attitudes to life. It’s about ‘life before death’ as they put it. There is real excitement from them in providing the means for people to change and improve their lives in the process of sharing information. And in among the vast amount of information available; there are lessons yet to come.

Feel free to check out our content and if you have any questions at all contact us.