Quick tip:

Done is better than perfect.


Do I really need to say any more than that?

She who hesitates.., waits.., and waits…, and waits…

Sometimes the best way to see if a decision or action is the right one or not is to make it and do it! Then if it turns out to not be the right one, you’ll find out sooner and make the change. Movement reveals the next step. Movement is always a step forward compared to stillness and stagnation. Sleep and still, focused meditation aside; if you are not moving and growing then by definition you are freezing and dying. Failing to make a decision or take the next step due to it not being quite right yet; not quite perfect.., is failing to grasp the purpose of physical life as a joyous string of lessons and adventures. Now how I’ve just said that is a long way off for many people I admit. Life for many is far from a joyous adventure. That doesn’t mean you can’t still stack the odds in your favour though by acting on your best current knowledge until you know better. And YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW BETTER at some point in your future; even if you still choose the same less than perfect action that you would choose today.

Right now is what counts though right?

Decide to decide:

And I think if you’re going to decide between a couple of options; then while you’re still deciding, start doing one of them anyway. Who knows, you may choose the right one and find yourself half way down the path already by the time you notice; cool! Or if it’s not the right choice then nothing’s lost because you were still deciding anyway.

Eureka! Have I just revealed the best decision making strategy ever? Lol.

Can you really know what a decision is going to lead to before you’ve made it and started moving in the direction of it’s completion?

You can guess based on past experience and advice; but today the people yoButton, Stop, Go, Press, Clicku need to deal with and the technology you will do it with are NOT the same people you dealt with yesterday!

Perfectionism is paralysis if progress is not shared.

You have to share the best of who you are today and be comfortable with the fact that tomorrow you may share differently. Microsoft and Apple know full well that even before a computer product is released that it is already obsolete compared to what they are developing next.

What are you putting off until it is ‘just right’? Why not act on it once it is ‘just about right’ instead, and see what is next revealed by the action in that direction.

Energy requires movement to transform!

Choose something today that you have been putting off because it’s not perfect yet and put forth the imperfection in perfect knowledge that you will improve it on the move.

What a perfect idea!



PS: Many times inaction is due to negative beliefs about possible consequences, for how to address this read (Why can’t I change)