“I wouldn’t say I’m depressed.., I just don’t find my life to be much fun.”

Ever felt like that?

why do i feel unhappy

Feeling down can be a pretty awful place to be. It can feel all pervasive and unchanging.

Everyone has those sorts of times even if only for a day or an hour or two. When the days become weeks and the weeks become months then habit takes over and you are now settling for feeling like crap because it’s become familiar.

It stays with you because you allow it to out of a feeling of apathy to do something different.., ANYTHING different!

Whether it’s an hour or a month, though, the loop is the same. It’s… feel like crap, talk to yourself about why you feel like crap, check to see if you still feel like crap, talk to yourself about feeling like crap, check to see if you still feel like crap…. etc etc.

The challenge with this is that there is no exit. Eventually, most people will snap out of it or be interrupted by someone or something and then take some form of action to get movement going again.

Why not have your own way to interrupt yourself?

What could you do in moments of feeling down that would be enough of a ‘shock’ to get you to move forward?

Suggestions might be…

Call a friend (as in right now!)

Take a smoke break even if you don’t smoke. Yeah why not!? What a rip off that smokers get to go out in the fresh air and breath deeply for a few minutes while you don’t! Why do you think smoking relaxes people? Part of it is the deep slow breaths!

Go to the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. Again, why not!?

Drink a whole glass of water in one go.

Get up off your butt and dance like no one’s looking, haha.

Think of a few that you can use or use the above and next time you feel yourself going down that crappy path.., stop.., congratulate yourself for noticing.., and do it!

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Make it fun, as life is supposed to be.