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(If you haven’t already read the article titled ‘Does the Law Of Attraction work‘, please do. It will increase your understanding about all aspects of LOA)


“Oh the pain in my heart, as hope drains away;

I long for connection, for love I do pray.


Just when it seems, like fate has been kind;

I realise my error, alas I was blind.


The urge for a soul mate, consumes me at times;

it feels I am destined, to share only rhymes.


So much to give, but so little on show;

the risk of rejection, interrupting the flow.


Be kind to myself, this moment shall pass;

there’s plenty of beauty, charisma and class.


It may seem all lost, there’s no-one for me;

but really that’s wrong, I know that I’ll see.


Right now though that’s myth, I’m bound by my fear;

I want what I’m missing, where are you my dear.


I’ll wrap you in passion, it’s one of a kind;

I’ll devour you with looking, and blow your sweet mind.


It seems I can’t find you, my lost little starling;

I put forth the wish, come find me my darling.


I’m just over here, the one with the smile;

come give it a reason, come hug me a while.


Is this your wish too, to mix joy with desire;

shall we kindle the passion, and build our own fire.


I know that you’re coming, I’ll see you in time;

for now I’ll keep praying, one day you’ll be mine.”


 Wanting what you’re missing:

I wrote that poem a number of years ago about wanting that special someone. You’ll notice that although there is hope within it, that there is sense of lack there as well.

Have you ever felt in that halfway place where you still have hope but you feel hope-less also?

That’s part of the challenge with wanting anything in life that you don’t yet have isn’t it.

I think we can all relate to the feeling of missing someone whom has either left us or not yet even turned up.

After all, nothing has the potential to cause more pain or indeed more pleasure than an intimate relationship does.

And as a side note, but really the only note that you need to absolutely embrace; when you live life on purpose, with excitement and passion as your guides; there is no way on this lovely earth that the person of your dreams can help but find you, and you them!

 We know how much art, music and literature has been inspired by love or the loss of it. And bless the well meaning friends who tell us how special we are and that “you’ll meet that special someone someday; just have faith”.

Well what if true faith is an active process? What if true faith, and the only real way to attract your soulmate is to be completely OK with being without them?

Do you think it’s possible to look in the mirror and love who you see, even if the people who’s judgements you value don’t!?

Do you think that you could get to that point? Do you want to?

Doing and thinking what makes you feel good are their own rewards, and attracting all the ‘things’ that you desire become the side effects!

Because once you get to that point of feeling love for yourself, and not even caring who or when a partner turns up; you’ll be beating potential lovers off with a stick! And when you least expect it; someone will enter your world that sends shivers up your spine!

Love is an internal projection, not an external validation:

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, that to truly love someone else you must first love yourself. And we know that the Law Of Attraction basically states that ‘what you put out is what you get back’ right!?

So why would it surprise anyone to learn that when you are loving yourself that you open the floodgates to other people loving you as well?

Even when the person of your focus is flooding you with their loving attention; where is the feeling YOU have in response to them coming from? From you right!? You are choosing to accept them as a reflection of your ability to be loved and generating the feeling of love within your body and mind as a result.

Don’t discount how obvious that statement is.

You CAN, and are in fact the only one who can, choose to feel the sensation of love in ANY moment! This is vital to your understanding of attracting a loving partner.

How does love work in the Law of Attraction

Do you LOVE me?

If you NEED that person to behave in certain ways for you to feel loved (which is what happens when you don’t feel love for yourself for example), then you’ve made your love for them conditional. And can you really call any love other than unconditional love real?

To be clear here though; if we go to the extreme we could say that true unconditional love is not going to be possible. For most of us, there will always be some expectations that we could agree are reasonable to expect in an intimate relationship.

I’m simply making the point that entering a relationship in order to feel complete is likely to result in challenges down the line.

Stop hating yourself for everything that you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything that you are!

Make cultivating love for you and what you stand for a choice you give attention to every day. Almost every action you take toward any self-improvement will do that by the way. (read the article titled ‘how to be happy again‘ for some ideas to)

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