There’s a saying that rules are made to be broken.



And in some contexts, it may be true.
What about your rules? What happens when someone breaks your rules about how it’s appropriate to behave or live?
I could also ask what happens when YOU break your own rules?
Your rules may not be made to be broken in your mind but I can guarantee they will be at times.
Everyone has different rules as to what life or an event means and they won’t always match yours.
Acceptance of other peoples’ preferences without it affecting yours is a skill that will pay you back with more calm and peace.
Practice seeing other peoples’ behaviour that you don’t agree with as being curious, rather than an attack on your way of seeing the world or your rules for how people should be.
99% of the time other people will not even be aware that they are doing something that breaks your rules.
Make a real conscious effort today to just be a curious observer.., just notice behaviour and events during your day from the perspective of non-judgement. Almost like a movie camera with an excited operator doing a reality piece; or an off planet observer who has been sent to report back on human weirdness, lol.
If you find yourself slipping back into judgement; just smile to yourself in recognition and go back to observing. Just do this on your way to work or back for a start, and as you gain momentum you’ll start to feel more at peace and accepting of others and of life!
For more on this see ADAD
Have fun.