365 things to avoid in order to be…
Give me a break.
I see so many titles of 12 ways to be…, 28 things that will sabotage your…, avoid these 9 things to…
I mean fine, I give different ways to be or do something as well but sometimes these lists are ridiculous.
What are the 365 things to avoid? They’re called days of the year. Why not just avoid life eh.
If you spend your life avoiding things then what’s left of your focus? How do you avoid something anyway?
DON’T THINK ABOUT A RED CAR!!! Seriously.., right now, don’t think about a red car.
What did you just do?
You thought, even if just for a split second, about a red car didn’t you.
The brain does not efficiently process negatives. It has to get clear on what it’s processing by imagining the positive and trying to delete it. That’s where the problem lies. The deletion often fails.
You see this, especially in young people. How often have you seen a child, for instance, being told “Don’t drop the…”, and what do they do? They drop the…
So you can’t NOT do something. You can’t avoid something specifically.
You could argue that you CAN avoid hitting another car when driving, but what do you do to do that? You steer in another direction right!?
Avoiding or not thinking about something is not the answer then.
Thinking about, and focusing on something else IS the answer!
And it doesn’t have to be a list of stuff either!
Just ONE new focus is all it takes. If you’re busy having fun; where’s there room for grumpiness?
If you were avoiding that thing you want to not do or think; what would you be doing instead?
Answer that question for yourself and start today to do that.
By all means read lists of things to do or not do. Then put the list away or file it in the waste basket, and do one thing differently today.
Get good at doing that one thing. Momentum will build and other things will appear as a side effect.
Ahhh.., how much easier is that?
Enjoy your new thought process or action.
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