"Positive questions; positive results."

Cool title eh.

And it’s not just cool but it gives a clue as to the nature of this article.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that effective communication is probably the biggest key to relating to other people and getting what you want.

But what about communication with yourself?

Talking to yourself isn’t just something that people labelled as nuts do and get therapy for; it’s something we ALL do whether we like to admit it or not. How do you talk to yourself? Do you tell yourself off for making mistakes? Do you work yourself into a nervous mess by worrying about what might happen.., which is just the process of making unuseful images, talking to yourself in abusive tones and asking yourself unuseful questions. Yes that’s right, a big part of thinking involves asking ourselves questions in our head.

Quality questions are the answer:

What if the questions you ask yourself and of life are creating the very experiences both mentally and physically that you fear the most?

That would suck big time right!?

As an example, when you want to talk to someone you want to get to know; do you or have you, with the benefit of hindsight,  said things in your head like “what if he rejects me?” “what if I walk up to her and can’t think of anything to say?” “What if I look like an idiot?” and then make images of looking like a complete idiot or hear times in the past where maybe someone has laughed at you or said no?

Have you?

And then what?

Have you then just stayed still paralysed by doubt, regretting and chastising yourself for the next however long till the opportunities past!?

What about thinking the worst is going to happen and it doesn’t. But in the meantime, you’ve put yourself through hell by asking such empowering questions (not!) as “What if I lose my job, my date stands me up, and my dog looks at me in disgust?”

Be honest and think back; have you sometimes done that sort of thing?

Do you still do it?

Well.., STOP IT!!!

End of article…

Ok; not yet but you get the picture right!?

Just freakin stop it will you!

The quality of the questions you ask yourself determine not only the quality of the answers you get, but the quality of the state of mind you put yourself in.

Some might argue that asking yourself negative focused ‘what if’ questions are a way of being prepared and protecting yourself.

I would put the following statement to you instead:

Anything less than totally focusing on positive results, by enhancing the quality of your self directed questions, is not completely protecting yourself!

Read that last sentence again.

And this is about more than protecting yourself, isn’t it!?

There are of course many beginnings to both negative and positive focused questions. One in particular though, the ‘What if’ type question, more often than not is followed by a string of negative garbage that makes people feel like 57 shades of ****!

Well; ‘what if’ you started asking questions that assume a positive result?

a-big-change-in-your-future-starts-with-a-small-change-todayWhether that result comes to fruition or not is less important than the resulting state of mind that will have you get off your butt and do something! Or at least feel good. And as we’ve learned from such articles as ‘Does the Law Of Attraction work?’, feeling good (vibrationally speaking) is the precursor to attracting more good stuff to feel good about. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy that gains momentum and takes you on a real JOY ride.

The positive ‘What if’ process:

 So this is easy.

Lets start the change in thinking that leads to other changes.

Pick a time to practice this; I like doing it in the morning while I walk to work.

Start asking yourself ‘What if’ questions that end with things that would be really cool if they indeed did come true. They don’t have to be believable yet because you’re just asking ‘what if’, right!?

So have fun.

Here’s an example –

“What if today I meet someone who becomes a new best friend”

“What if I learn something today that doubles my income in the next few months?”

Ooooh, I like that one, haha.

“What if I smile so much today that that cute co-worker starts smiling back?”

“What if today they invent chocolate icecream that stays away from my waist?” Lol

“What if I really enjoy my day just because I choose to?”

“What if this new way of asking myself questions becomes a habit and changes my whole life???”

Get the idea.

This is about starting to change the way you think in a way that’s fun and builds momentum, while at the same time creating the vibration/emotion of things going well for you and cool stuff becoming something you enjoy more of.

What if you look back on this day and realise with a cheeky smile, that you took control of your future with one easy change to your day?

Let today be that day.



Be well,